Sorry, boys

Sacramento’s Destroy Boys ready to crush all

Destroy Boys: Alexia Roditis (left) and Vi Mayugba.

Destroy Boys: Alexia Roditis (left) and Vi Mayugba.

Photo by Sarah Phenix

Destroy Boys play Saturday, June 10, 8 p.m., at Monstros. Mt. Eddy, Dying for It and Bill Nihilist open.
Cost: $7
Monstros Pizza628 W. Sacramento Ave.

In our modern political climate, it would be easy to assume that a band called Destroy Boys, fronted by two young women, is a reaction to the misogynistic, fascist regime currently holed up in the White House. And if you asked guitarist Vi Mayugba and vocalist Alexia Roditis (both of whom are too young to vote) their thoughts on the topic, they’ll gladly give you their pointed two cents.

But Destroy Boys is not a political band—at least not in the overt, obvious sense—but really a punk rock band hell-bent on having a good time.

“Music is supposed to be fun,” Mayugba said during a recent FaceTime chat alongside Roditis. “If politics aren’t so apparent in the music, people are more willing to listen. And then when they come up to you after the show, you can talk about that stuff.”

It’s less calculated than it sounds. Mayugba and Roditis formed Destroy Boys as an acoustic duo for shits and giggles before recruiting drummer Ethan Knight and cranking it up to a taut punk power trio (Knight is no longer in the band; Mount Eddy’s Chris Malaspina is filling in for the current tour). Things took off from there—in just under two years the band has released two EPs and a full-length, played legendary East Bay hub 924 Gilman Street and SXSW, and are about to embark on an 11-date run up the West Coast.

Mayugba and Roditis are clever, and wise beyond their years. Mayugba is the more analytical one; Roditis is slightly more gregarious. And their collective wit comes through in conversation, and especially in their songs. Look no further than “I Threw Glass at My Friends’ Eyes and Now I’m On Probation” (lyrically, the song takes on a more serious tone), or “30 Seconds of Shit,” which is more or less what the song is (in the best possible way). That’s why they’re so good—Destroy Boys don’t give a shit, and they aren’t trying to be something they’re not.

“We make music that we want to listen to,” Roditis said. “Why would you make anything other than what you want to hear? Or play onstage?”

They’ll even go as far as to cut songs that remind them too much of something by another band. But Destroy Boys’ music, most notably 2016’s short and snappy record, Sorry, Mom, is slightly more serious than even they give it credit for. “Word Salad” deals with mental illness. “No Respect” gives a proper tongue-lashing to the entitled male species. Even a song like “K Street Walker,” a classic teen angst tale, is done with such rock ’n’ roll lucidity: “Cheap beer doesn’t please me no more! Got my mother and father knocking down my door/Ears split, circle pit! Gotta go to the show.”

It’s safe to say there’s new music on the horizon, although they play coy when asked for details, except to say, “We’re always working on new stuff all the time.” And as much as they love their hometown of Sacramento, Mayugba and Roditis will be moving to Oakland in August to attend Mills College, while also jumping into the East Bay’s punk scene.

“We’re aware of our success, but we’ve worked really hard,” said Mayugba, adding that years of going to shows, networking and ultimately booking their own shows has gotten them where they are. And they’re both adamant that, even with college, Destroy Boys comes before anything else. Because, why stop now? Roditis has the answer.

“Success will be when I don’t have to work another job.”