Sonic Trance

Nicholas Payton

Thirty-year-old trumpet sensation Nicholas Payton returns with his latest offering, Sonic Trance. A strict departure from past albums, it may not be what you would expect from the man. On this disc Payton dismisses the usual melody-solos-melody form of jazz in favor of a slowly evolving, densely textured sheet of sound. Payton was fortunate enough to have an extended studio session this time around, and the result is a mixture of acoustic sounds and electric effects played over an extended form, but always with a very organic feel. The easiest comparison would be to that of Miles Davis’ groundbreaking Bitches Brew, but that would be like trying to compare two gourmet meals by saying they both taste like chicken. Sonic Trance may not be jazz in a traditional sense, but with its experimentation and forward movement it definitely evokes the true spirit of the form.