Snoop Dogg Shizzolator

Snoop Dogg has his own way of speaking, and now Web sites can talk that way, too. All you have to do is “enter yo trickass URL,” and the rap great will translate. Chico Informative Shiznit & Review has an ad about “how yo’ ass can get a free cell phone,” and Pat Robertson says, “Jesus spoke frequently about hell ’n’ shit.” Where the site falls flat is on the serious news sites, such as CNN, where “Iraq’s Muthas Struggle Rebuild They Daily Lives.” If you shizzolate too long, you’ll realize that someone had to create a decidedly unhip computer program that essentially replaces suffixes of certain parts of speech and switches words such as “house” with “crib,” “police” with “fuzz” and “children” with “shorties.” Still, this site’s the shizznit.