Snack box


The S.F. news crew (KTVU, Channel 2) at the corner of Third and Main was gettin’ nuthin’ for its partytown story on the fairly quiet first Friday night of the semester. Not so quiet though at LaSalles, where the Rage Against machinations of openers Grynch were followed by the impressive dual-bass player good vibe of local end-timers La Fin Du Monde. Saturday: a cross-section of local coolness in Chapman at SUBUD for Off the Lawn 2 art sale/rock show, where Arrangement Ghost was playing great moody rock and you could buy homemade plush carrots from vendor Lily Gicker ($5). Meanwhile, Crux Arts warehouse (Art & Technology opening) was all Burning Man, with Johnny’s monster-movie soundtrack/funeral dirge duo The Nerve stirring the pot.