Got gas?

Gas prices are once again soaring into the stratosphere. AAA of Northern California, which tracks gas prices for consumers, released a new report showing that the average price per gallon is now $2.34, up 25 cents since its Sept. 14 report. The report also shows that the California average is 37 cents higher than the national average. Here is a breakdown of current California gas prices and the increase since the last report.

City Price Monthly change

Chico $2.30 +26 cents

Eureka $2.49 +18 cents

Los Angeles $2.32 +24 cents

Marysville $2.27 +29 cents

Redding $2.33 +26 cents

Sacramento $2.27 +27 cents

San Francisco $2.44 +24 cents

S. Lake Tahoe $2.55 +29 cents

Yreka $2.51 +23 cents