Been wronged

The city of Chico is the regular recipient of tort claims by folks who hold or hope to hold Chico responsible for their misfortunes. Bob Koch, the city’s risk manager, says about 50 claims are filed against the city annually. Of those, some are settled, some are denied and taken to Small Claims or superior Court. Still others are denied with no follow-up. The following is a sampling of the most recent cases filed.

Jose Aguilera: exessive force during arrest Amount: unspecified Result: no action*

Matt Nakatani: Rolex watch damaged by handcuffs during arrest Amount: $3,025.59 Result: denied

John Strisower: police-booking software copyright infringment Amount: $50,000 Result: denied, no action

Jackie Corrie: injuries from fall on sidewalk at Fifth Avenue and Sheridan Street Amount: excess of $10,000 Result: denied

Century Indemnity Co.: indemnification and payments for cleanup of groundwater contamination in case of Department of Toxic Substances vs. Payless Cleaners. (Century insures Payless) Amount: unstated Result: no action

Benny Suryadi: vehicle damage from pothole on W. Eighth Avenue Amount: $103.57 Result: denied

Kevin Seeger: vehicle damage from pothole on W. Eighth Avenue Amount: $192.77 Result: denied

A&P Septic: reimbursment for staff time spent waiting for city to clear sewer main Amount: $495 Result: denied

Les Harrison: vehicle damage incurred from city leaf truck sideswipe Amount: $2,639.91 Result: denied

Larry Neel: injuries sustained on county bus when it struck a car Amount: excess of $100,000 Result: denied

* A confidential settlement has been made in this case.