Shelflife — Movie

Billed as a "two-sided disk featuring four full hours of interactive fun," this DVD porn is a harrowing journey through director Brad Armstrong’s portrait of sexual addiction. The plot involves Diablo (Razor), a decadent recluse filled with loneliness who has sex with numerous women in his "castle in the sky" (shot on location in a Simi Valley neighborhood). Diablo longs for the one woman who will love him for his dark side, and he finds her in the last scene. Christy Canyon delivers an impressive performance, with lines like, "You like that, baby? You like it with mama?" all the more astounding when you consider that every orfice of her body is filled with the genitalia of various males. The "cum-shot" motif is present throughout this film, with numerous male climax scenes accompanied by female groveling (no female ejaculations on male faces, however). I recommend hard-core porn watchers pass on this, due to its excessive use of dialogue. In addition, this DVD does not feature "multiple angles" that allow viewers to choose their view (from above, below or behind the action). Ultimately, the best thing about Armstrong’s gritty fantasy drama is the previews—which manage to sum up the film with just a few squirts and a lot less time.