Shelflife — Movie

This DVD is an entertaining, behind-the-scenes documentary that invites you to get to know String Cheese and its roots by taking the viewer on winter tour. The band reunites with its old tour bus, Bussy, to visit and play at old stomping grounds in Colorado. Touring on Bussy brings on nostalgia that enables us to learn the band’s history through intimate conversations among band members. These funny, insightful stories make this documentary enjoyable and interesting.

By taking a close look at where this band was born—in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado—it is apparent how these diverse musicians came together under one love of music and nature. The concert footage of winter tour features breathtaking beauty of outdoor venues along with some humorous skiing wipeouts. There are also cameos of notable artists such as Jack Johnson and Drew Emmit (Leftover Salmon). I just wish there was live footage of those jams—this DVD could use more live music, as it is mainly a fans-only document about the touring life of a modern jam band.