‘Sheak’ streak

Country Sheak & Boutique

Photo by Ashiah Scharaga

Angela Waller is busy—though she and her mother, Cindy O’Rear, co-own commercial and residential cleaning company C&A Cleaning, last November Waller opened a new shop: Country Sheak & Boutique, which offers a little bit of everything. During a recent visit, the store, also the location of C&A Cleaning’s office, had a hat stand with beanies of all colors, a display of bath bombs, a table with patriotic baubles and a rack with scarves and plush vests. On the walls were floral paintings by a local artist, home décor and jewelry. Find the business, which Waller runs with the help of her daughter, Brittney, who attends Butte College (pictured on the right), on Facebook or stop by 1382 Longfellow Ave., 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

What went into your product selection?

Angela: When I go into other stores, there’s certain things I like. But you know how you have to go to several different stores to find them? My idea was to have a little bit of everything … so there’s wildlife stuff, there’s western stuff, there’s little gift stuff. I’ve let some people just bring in some consignment. Some stuff we’ve made as well. I’ve made blankets, some people have made dream catchers and macramé things … [Sue Egland] has some of her paintings up here, and she does the window [art], too. As stuff goes out, I try to order new stuff … so it’s never the same thing each time you come in.

What’s up with “Sheak?”

A: I thought of country, and [my daughter, Brittney] said, “What about chic and boutique?” She asked Siri, “How do you spell ‘chic?’” and that’s how Siri brought up ‘chic’ to her. I’ve heard from people in town, “That’s not how you spell chic.” I’ve said, “I know, but—it’s different.” It’s not spelled or used like that, but it actually is a good conversation piece. I’ve had several guys come in thinking we’re a new steak shop! They were so excited till they came in and saw it was a gift shop. It’s really funny.

Did you grow up on a farm?

A: I grew up in Chico. I live in Orland now. We’ve always lived out in the country.

Brittney: Grandpa has horses, a dog and a cow, which is actually our cow. We have rabbits, chickens, ducks, a pig, dogs, sheep, a goat—we’re going to have a donkey—guinea pigs. We had a fish, but it died …

A: A couple times over!

B: … and we have two turkeys.

What are your goals for the business?

A: I would love for it to thrive and have clientele all the time. We pay rent for the cleaning business, so I don’t have … all those extra costs that a lot of people have, and that’s why a lot of the little businesses go out. I try to really price it reasonably so it’s not a huge markup, because I don’t want [stuff] here forever. We’re not here to make a fortune.