Scrutinizing Prop. 36

UCLA researchers released a new study April 13 regarding the success (or lack thereof) of Proposition 36, the treatment-instead-of-incarceration law. The study found that those convicted under Prop. 36 were more likely to be re-arrested for drug-related offenses than those convicted before the proposition was passed.

This study comes as Gov. Schwarzenegger has proposed a huge cut in funding for the program—$25 million. However, according to the UCLA researchers, whose study was funded by the state, that’s not the right course of action. They conclude that with more money, the program would be more successful, especially considering the money saved by not sending offenders to prison ($2.50 for every $1 invested).

“Funding should be allocated to ensure greater availability of favorable drug treatment options,” the report reads. This includes more residential treatment for heavier users and a required 90-day minimum program for all.