Sampler ’07

CN&R’s guide to the local acts you need to know about … and listen to … now

Photo By Meredith J. Cooper

The CN&R’s local band issue is back for a third straight year. We bring you six artists doing some interesting things in the fair town of Chico. Finding them was easy. Narrowing the list down to six was the challenge.

This little dot off of Highway 99 is loaded with musicians hiding away in their garages and bedrooms creating noise of all types—from the pure pop of The Shimmies to the mad science of The Dr. Yes Experiment, which lives for discovering that perfectly-placed blip and whoosh. Then there are projects like Surrogate and Blood of Cain that have emerged from well-known blasts from the past (i.e. Number One Gun and Fallon). We have a little country with Three Fingers Whiskey, plus a talent in transition with Erin Lizardo, the ethereal singer-songwriter who’s weighing a solo career against her rockin’ new band.

What all these Chico artists have in common is a willingness to try something different while doing what comes naturally. And naturally, we’ve found them. Now we give them to you.