Sacred Future

A Living Alliance of Love

A Living Alliance of Love has been created by Chico musicians Johnny Dutro and Weston Thomson. The duo’s CD, Sacred Future, is an innovative blend of a variety of genres, instrumentals and vocals. African polyrhythm mingles with saxophones and violins. Latin and Asian influences compliment hypnotic trance hymns. Due to the producers wanting to include many talented musicians, regardless of style, this inventive disc defies categorization. Two constants weave throughout: a conscious message of growth and healing through love and Dutro’s reggae-influenced zen rap. His soft-spoken, but commanding voice exudes a powerful intention to better the world. Several tracks shine, notably “Dragon Song.” The song unites a monk-like chant with ethereal beats and progresses to Dutro’s inspiring rap, which feels threatening, yet seductive. This collaboration of local talent fills sound space with a positive vibration. Think Buddhist temple after the collective om.