Roxy Doll

Make It Happen

Chico art scenester Roxy Doll has completed her first album, Make It Happen. This inaugural attempt, despite its unpolished production, demonstrates Roxy’s formidable (and surprising) vocal ability. The strength and cadence of Roxy’s voice bear a likeness to some jazz/soul heavy hitters, bringing to mind the likes of Billie Holiday, Madeleine Peyroux and Erykah Badu, especially on songs like “I Am” and “Pump the Blood.” The latter song is undoubtedly the best on the album, but is also the only track on which her strong voice is muffled, making the lyrics difficult to understand. Whether on purpose, or due to the poor recording, this slightly muted quality does evoke an image of a smoky, 1940s-era jazz bar, but it nonetheless leaves the listener straining to hear her voice more clearly. And the lyrics you can hear are meaningful and evocative (“Pump the blood of the innocent/ Feed the monster … All the lies, all the lies that they’re telling you/ It’s propaganda, propaganda”), with an empowering message of finding a voice for creating your own art. Though still a diamond in the rough, Roxy Doll has undeniable talent. Hear samples at