Rhonda Vincent

All American Bluegrass Girl

This brand-new CD from arguably one of the best, if not the best, of today’s female bluegrass singers starts out with a bang and never disappoints musically. The title song, a kickin’ Vincent original (“I’m an All American Bluegrass Girl and proud as I can be … ”), shows off both Vincent’s amazing pipes and the stellar chops of her band, The Rage. Vincent’s friend and idol Dolly Parton backs her up with high harmonies on the up-tempo “Heartbreaker’s Alibi,” while the slower heartbreaker “Midnight Angel” features bluegrass legend Bobby Osborne singing a beautifully relaxed and spot-on duet with Vincent. Some may be turned off by the political sentiment of Vincent’s “God Bless the Soldier,” with its mention, for instance, of military members “righting the wrongs.” But the rockin’ gospel blues of “Jesus Built a Bridge to Heaven,” with its impeccable vocal harmonies and infectious beat, will charm just about anyone.