Rewinding the clock

CN&R’s annual Year in Review issue

We’ve had an eventful year. The “royal we,” at the Chico News & Review, celebrated the paper’s 30th anniversary, launched new sections and received seven statewide awards. That’s pretty eventful. Our editors are part of the “communal we,” too, so we’ve seen just how big a mark 2007 has left in our community.

Picking the top 10 stories of the year proved relatively easy. Sadly, so was coming up with the boneheadedness on display in the “What were they thinking?” section. Narrowing down the honorable mentions to a workable list proved far more challenging; thus, we have nearly double the amount from 2006.

Sit back, relax and enjoy our look back at the past 12 months. If you disagree with our choices, drop us a letter (<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript"> </script>). We, in all our incarnations, thank you for reading!