Reign of confusion

Local news baffled by county clerk story

The recent flap within the halls of the Butte County government concerning Clerk-Recorder Candace Grubbs and Assistant Clerk Laurie Cassady (see “When clerks collide,” Newslines, March 6) proved both intriguing and confusing for the local media. A press conference by District Attorney Mike Ramsey (pictured) noted workroom tensions between the two women, but an investigation cleared Grubbs of ordering an office employee to do personal work for her, with the exception of about a half-hour’s worth.

However, KRCR TV news posted a story that said Grubbs had ordered the employee to look into property for sale because Grubbs wanted to “grow pot.” The story has since been removed from the station’s website. Grubbs has repeatedly voiced anti-pot sentiments publicly. And the Chico Enterprise-Record mistakenly reported in both a news story and an editorial that the employee Grubbs was ordering around was Cassady. DA Ramsey said he was at a loss as to how the story got so out of whack.