Readers share their local endorsements

Ali! Ali! Ali!
Everyone has a reason for their actions. Mine for urging a City Council vote in favor of Ali Sarsour goes to the heart of the meaning of the word reason: to think coherently and logically, draw inferences or conclusions from facts known or assumed, sound thought or judgment.

Ali’s service on several city commissions and various civic organizations has proved his ability to use the kind of sound judgment that solves problems and brings people together to reach consensus.Carol Eberling

ChicoI want to give my enthusiastic support for Ali Sarsour, candidate for Chico City Council. Among many fine candidates, he stands out as an advocate of community understanding, great integrity, and courage to speak truthfully about important issues. He has worked tirelessly over the years to make Chico a better community.

I have talked at length with Ali on many occasions and have found him exceptionally well informed about current issues that concern our citizens and our world. Additionally, he possesses has a breadth of knowledge that places current events in a larger historical/social context.

Ali cares about all citizens in our community and will work with dedication and effectiveness in dealing with the challenges that the next council will face.

Robert Bowman

I’ve known Ali Sarsour for over 30 years. During the entirety of that time he has steadily demonstrated a multidimensional and mature ability to: resolve problems, take advantage of opportunities, be the quiet spark for synthesis of opinion and passion to include all involved, and truly share a deep and human sense of humor.

There have only been two previous local office seekers in my 39 years in Chico who have had my complete confidence and support to the extent Ali does. I believe a vote for him would pay direct and indirect dividends for the citizens of Chico for the duration of his public service.

Abe Baily

During my 40 years in Chico I’ve never endorsed anyone for City Council. I make an exception this year: My longtime friend, Ali Sarsour, is running for office.

The first word that comes to mind when I think of Ali is “reconciliation.” As a student at Chico State he created the Multicultural Board, and brought a voice of reason and compassion to acrimonious debates regarding the Middle East. Not surprisingly, after graduation in 1978 he served on Chico’s Affirmative Action Committee and Human Resources Commission.

Widely respected throughout the community, he was elected president of the Interfaith Council. Ali takes Einstein’s dictum to heart in word and deed: “Remember your humanity and forget the rest.”

Ron Hirschbein

‘Great mayor’
Andy Holcombe has been a great mayor for Chico. Every single person is treated with respect when he officiates business. His commitment to environmental sustainability has made Chico a recognized model in that field throughout the country. He’s protected the concept of economic sustainability during very stormy policy sessions.

His support of the arts has qualified Chico to become one of the most artful cities in the United States. And in cooperation with the county, Chico has begun the journey toward preserving our area’s underground aquifers and the water sheds that serve them.

For all of these reasons and many, many more, I wholeheartedly endorse Andy Holcombe’s re-election to the Chico City Council.

Linda Furr

Ann fans
Chico is facing many difficult choices, and the City Council will be casting many important votes in the next few years. We enthusiastically endorse Ann Schwab to be one of our representatives to make those choices. Her work so far, most especially including her emphasis on sustainability, convinces us she will help defend those facets of Chico that make it special and lead us through these trying times.

O. J. and Gene Anna McMillan

I am writing in support of Ann Schwab’s candidacy for City Council. I’ve know Ann since 2003 when she was a member of the Bidwell Park and Playground Commission. She was co-chair for the Bidwell Park Centennial celebration in 2005 and her concern for Bidwell Park and greenways was very evident. Ann is a good listener and her decisions are based on the common good.

Gerda Lyon

Ann Schwab understands that a flourishing, strong and vibrant economy is ultimately based on the health of our local, regional and global ecosystems. She also understands that the natural beauty of this area is an incredibly valuable long-term public asset that will continue to pay dividends in the form of jobs, resources and recreation as long as it is protected from short-sighted profiteering.

Ann is a natural leader, public servant and friend to all Chicoans. I know she loves the people of Chico and wants Chico to continue to be a great place to live. I fully support her campaign for the Chico City Council.

Andy Keller

I believe supporting Ann Schwab for City Council is a valuable investment in Chico’s future. I have known Ann for many years and watched her commitment and hard work for community improvements both from a business profit angle and a social service non-profit angle. Ann is the type of experienced person who understands that listening and considering all sides of an issue ends up with the best solution to the issue.

Peter Tichinin

Re-elect Reed
I have known Jann Reed for over 20 years. She has continuously volunteered for this community both in an out of the classroom. Four years ago, Jann decided to put her energies into Chico Unified.

During her first term, our school budgets were slashed by our legislators, and two superintendents have either wrecked havoc or bailed out on Chico’s problems. Our present superintendent has opened communication and encouraged a cooperative philosophy amongst our teachers. Jann worked hard to find a superintendent who prioritized Chico and its schools.

Other candidates may have grandiose schemes to bring the budget into line, but they lack the expertise to realize that they cannot unilaterally decide to manipulate things like teacher’s salaries or district employment. It is necessary to keep someone with Jann’s experience on the board.

Barbara Morris

We expect our local Chico Unified School District school board to anticipate our schools’ future funding and to maximize educational benefits to a diverse student population, both while maintaining our local Chico educational values. These anticipated dynamics remind me of the roar of rapids approaching on a raft-trip.

Who should guide us through these rapids? An experienced helmsman whose values we trust.

Jann Reed has worked diligently on the School Board to resolve the severe economic and program challenges in CUSD. She has provided insight, reasoning, and leadership during the turmoil of recent years, and her guidance has helped keep us on track. Jann is a critical thinker who will not “rubber-stamp” the actions of the school district administration, and will keep parental values in the forefront of her priorities.

Jack Hames

Hughes for CARD board
Jerry Hughes has more experience with both the needs and operations of the Chico Area Recreaton and Park District than any candidate for this office, after 25-plus outstanding years in the parks and recreation field.

For two decades as general manager of CARD, Jerry worked with residents, Chico State, the city and its commissions, and others to develop the 1988-2008 Master Facilities Plan and CARD’s major, completed facilities. Under his leadership, his staff built CARD programs to their peak. Jerry has demonstrated his dedication, integrity and ability to get things done.

Fred Brooks