Readers’ digest

Loyal readers have heard plenty from me in 2006. So, for the year-end issue, rather than wax nostalgic or philosophical, I’d like to share some memorable “sound bites” from readers. Many letters have a limited shelf life, but some feel just as fresh today as when they were published:

• “I am beginning to wonder if Wally Herger actually still exists anymore. I think the Taliban is holding him hostage; they just know we won’t pay to get him back, so ransom demands are not being publicized."—Jeanie Richardson, Jan. 26, on the congressman’s unavailability to meet a local group

• “Congratulations to the Butte County supervisors on the courage they have shown in giving themselves that 56 percent pay raise…. It’s good to see that they can put partisan politics aside—at least for a good cause like feathering their own nests."—Ken Demorro, Feb. 2

• “War is easy to start, but hard to finish. Peace is hard to start, but easy to finish."—Tom Blodget, March 9

• “Of all possible places to clutter with giant erector sets, Chico’s parks are the most inappropriate."—Ira Heinrich, May 4, on the Hooker Oak cell tower proposal

• “We all started as immigrants. … Show them some respect."—Amanda Metz, May 18

• “When a person or country has dug itself into a hole, it’s time to stop digging."—Victor M. Corbett, June 29, suggesting a slogan for Democrat campaign stickers ("STOP DIGGING!")

• “I am sure that with about $200,000 and volunteers, we can redo the plaza in a much more community-friendly way. I’ll donate the first jackhammer."—Tom Steele, July 27, riled up (for the time being) about Chico’s City Plaza

• “It costs a lot of money to buy a hybrid. It costs zero money to drive slower."—Rob Arbus, Aug. 17

• “Driving fast is a little like smoking. You know it’s bad for you, it’s very expensive, and someday your grandchildren may have to watch you die because of it. …"—Jerry Koontz, Aug. 31, seconding Arbus’ fuel-saving suggestion

• “If you want to waste your money buying overpriced items at expensive specialty stores, then be my guest, but don’t assume you speak for everyone."—Aaron Vipperman, Nov. 16, decrying Wal-Mart critics

• “Now that the Chico City Plaza is open I find it funky, sensual, engaging, fun, and bona fide Chico weird—in the good way. Well done. I was wrong. I am sorry. I got scared. I panicked."—Tom Steele, Nov. 30

• “A law professor once remarked we could have as much crime or as little crime as we wanted. So let’s have as little crime as possible and stop making every stupid little thing a criminal offense."—Michael M. Peters, Dec. 7

• “Hey Chicoans, instead of watering the piss out of your lawn all summer and then raking all the leaves into the gutters in the fall, let Mother Nature take its course."—Ben Elwell, Dec. 14

On that note: Happy New Year!