Random stats for a new year

A good number of Americans don’t plan on making any resolutions, and bad dancers still enjoy cutting loose

The site YouGov tracks statistics that are fit for a long inning of a low-scoring baseball game. In a series of recent polls focused on 2018 and the holiday season, the pollster, which prides itself on taking the pulse of America with over 1 million online respondents, came up with a variety of interesting stats. Among them:

• 2 in 5 adults say they always stay up until midnight on New Year’s Eve.

• People who enjoy New Year’s Eve tend to be older, conservative men who like roasted potatoes, pork chops and listening to Coldplay.

• 42 percent of women said they intend to save money in 2018 (versus 31 percent of men).

• 32 percent of respondents said they don’t plan to make any New Year’s resolutions for 2018.

• 13 percent said they did not keep any of their resolutions for 2017, while the same percentage said they kept several.

• One-third of men say they never, ever dance, versus 21 percent of women. Meanwhile, about half of those who consider themselves bad or horrible dancers enjoy it anyway.

• 13 percent of Americans would rather achieve great things than be happy; 87 percent say leading an average life is OK.