Put a little pep in your step

Pick up your pace for a longer life

Next time you go for a walk, you may want to consider picking up the pace. According to a new study out of the University of Leicester in England, fast walkers are more likely to live longer than those who prefer a more leisurely stroll. While brisk walkers cover about 100 steps a minute and move at approximately 3 mph, slow walkers accomplish half that. Researchers studied 474,919 people and found the quicker group had a longer life expectancy across all weight categories, while the slower group had the lowest life expectancy at an average of 64.8 years for men, 72.4 for women. Interestingly, the results suggested that physical fitness is a greater indicator of long life than body mass index (BMI) and whether or not you smoke. Sounds like stopping to smell the flowers may not be all it’s cracked up to be—reduce your risk of heart-related death by leaving your fellow walkers in the dust.