Progressing on pot

City Council makes call on advertising, potency caps for cannabis business

The Chico City Council took another step toward legalizing commercial cannabis sales on Tuesday (Jan. 21), making decisions on potency and advertising.

Butte County Public Health Officer Andy Miller offered his concerns, citing studies that show higher-potency products can increase the risk of psychosis and dependency. The council stuck with state regulations, however, which apply to edibles and concentrates, but not to flower.

As for advertising, the council voted to prohibit portable “sandwich” signs in public rights-of-way, as well as the following signs: digital, spinner, monument, pole, marquee, roof, temporary, moving or super graphic (those encompassing an entire side of a building). Businesses cannot use any depiction of a cannabis leaf. The vote was 5-2 with Councilmembers Sean Morgan and Kasey Reynolds dissenting.