Trying to take politics seriously

It’s been getting harder and harder to take politics seriously, especially nationally. It seems that politicians will say anything, no matter how they feel about it.

Locally, I can see how who’s doing which affects life here in Chico, and I decided to vote in this primary. I use a “nonpartisan ballot.” Do you know what the nonpartisan offices are?

First, state superintendent of public instruction. The ballot lists candidates for state superintendent of public instruction randomly with space for a write-in. I eliminated anybody who admitted being partly responsible for public education. I was tempted to write in a young guy I know, because I think this job ought to have an age limit of about 19, and he’d be good at it. I almost voted for the lady geologist as perhaps bringing a fresh outlook, but I went with the best name—Faarax Dahir Sheik-Noor, who didn’t bother to label himself as anything. No problem, Faarax.

For county superintendent of schools, I wrote in my son’s name, although now that he’s out of high school I think he’ll turn it down.

For county supervisor, I think forever is too long for anybody to do the same thing, and approximately forever is how long Jane Dolan has been a Butte County supervisor. Still, several largely coherent people like Jane Dolan, and she definitely has the best slogan. Mostly, she admits liking Chapmantown, and has been seen many times in the area, thus demonstrating both sound judgment and independent thought.

When, at the council session devoted to medical marijuana, Larry Wahl, who’s running against Dolan, asked why medical marijuana patients couldn’t just go to Walgreens for it, I liked the way he went to the heart of the matter even though the heart of the matter was irrelevant. On the other hand, Larry Wahl wants a research park nearby so much he sent me a big four-color flyer calling my attention to Dolan’s voting against such enterprises and suggesting that I cast my vote for him instead. I’m sure research parks are a cancer on the landscape somewhere in the world, and I’m afraid it’ll happen here, so I guess it’s Jane forever.

For assessor, auditor-controller, and county clerk-recorder I didn’t even want to take the time to fill-in the ovals. That’s how much I care. The candidates are unopposed. What’s the point?

For district attorney, as a step toward bringing the criminal-justice system out of the middle ages, I’d like to see some variety of therapist in this position. Maybe next time. As for this time, Rasmussen can do one-handed pullups. I saw it online.

For treasurer-tax collector, definitely C. Linda Barnes, and not just because I owe her money.

And then there are the propositions.