Potty mouth pens kids book

Environmentalist Derrick Jensen writes children’s story

Derrick Jensen, the California environmentalist, author and lover of expletives, is coming out with a book for children.

No joke. Jensen is the guy who dropped repeated F-bombs during his lecture at Chico State’s recent sustainability conference. The appearance was highlighted in the CN&R (“Open mouth, insert soap,” by Christine G.K. LaPado, Nov. 12).

Weeks later, the CN&R has learned that Jensen’s new project is a book called Mischief in the Forest: A Yarn Yarn. According to a press release sent by the book’s illustrator, Stephanie McMillian, the story is about a forest-dwelling woman who discovers she has neighbors.

Hmmm … Sounds neat! Jensen is author of End Game and The Culture of Make Believe, among several other books, but this is his first in the children’s genre. Fortunately for the kiddies, his cursing is mostly relegated to the spoken word.