Plug-in Hybrids: The Cars that Will Recharge America

Plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles will be available to all Americans very soon, according to the author of this page-turner. Inexorable economic forces, ecological necessity and a consensus among people of disparate political persuasions (“war on terror” hawks, “creation care” evangelicals, progressives and environmentalists) will force automakers to offer both plug-in hybrids and fully electric cars in the near future because they 1) are more economical (electricity is much cheaper than gasoline); 2) reduce greenhouse emissions (charging during off-peak nighttime hours means no new power plants needed); 3) reduce our dependence on foreign oil; 4) slow the depletion of fossil fuels, which buys time for the transition to renewables; 5) offer the possibility of using renewable energy sources to charge the cars; and 6) are adored by seemingly every person who has owned one. Vehicles can even be plugged in during the peak-hour afternoon to feed the grid, making money for the owner. This book is the definitive history of a movement that is just about to go mainstream. Want one of these cars? Sign the plug-in partners pledge (