Pine Leaf Boys

La Musique

Do I love this CD? Oh my goodness—yes! Wilson Savoy (accordion, fiddle, vocals), Cedric Watson (fiddle, vocals), Drew Simon (drums, guitar, vocals), Jon Bertrand (guitar) and Blake Miller (bass and “second-fiddle”) are the Pine Leaf Boys, five young men who share the same house in Lafayette, La. Steeped in Louisiana French—or Cajun—music since they were kids, the Pine Leaf Boys deliver on La Musique, a collection of infectious, endearing tunes, including a fun original by Savoy, “Pine Leaf Boy Two-Step,” inspired by Savoy’s driving around the French countryside while on tour with Cajun guitarist/vocalist Bobby Michot. “Blues de Bosco,” a public domain Cajun blues song arranged by Savoy and Watson, is just the sweetest thing. Savoy’s singing (in French) on this one is pure Cajun, and gruffly adorable, and Watson’s fiddle playing is spot-on. Watson and Savoy both play fiddle on Canray Fontenot’s roots-lovely “La Valse de Vieux Charpentier”—nice!