Paul Simon


What else would you expect from a couple of old-school control freaks? Paul Simon and electronic genius Brian Eno have collaborated to produce Simon’s first new album in six years. With Surprise, Eno has reinvented Simon’s sound, although hardcore fans will find he’s still true to his lyrical style. Many of these songs pack a rich and stunning sonic surprise, entering like a virus hitting the bloodstream and expanding and multiplying until it takes over every skeptical bone in your body. My personal favorites are the second and third tracks: “Everything About It Is a Love Song” which starts with a dreamy “I’m wandering the fields of Africa seeing wildlife lope by” sort of sound that twice evolves with earnest electronic drums before returning to rinse and repeat. “Outrageous” hits like a ton of bricks and may be where Simon finally meets Brit-poppers XTC. Also nice is “Beautiful,” about a couple who adopts children from impoverished countries, and somehow manages to not be an ode to Brangelina. Definitely the best work by Simon since The Rhythm of the Saints.