Paradise settles over Feaster

Town pays $3.15 million to family of man killed by former cop

The town of Paradise finalized a settlement with the family of Andrew Thomas last week, to the tune of $3.15 million. Thomas was the man shot and killed by former Paradise Police Officer Patrick Feaster last Thanksgiving weekend. Thomas had been driving with his wife, Darien Ehorn, when Feaster attempted a DUI traffic stop. Thomas, who was nearly double the legal limit, sped off and hit a median. Ehorn died at the scene, and Feaster shot Thomas in the neck. He died three weeks later.

Of the $3.15 million, $1.42 million was granted to each of Thomas’ parents, now divorced. The rest, minus about $10,000 to cover Thomas’ medical expenses, will go into a trust for Ehorn’s young child.

Town Attorney Dwight Moore says that in his time working for Paradise—23 years—this is the largest settlement agreement the town has paid.