Oroville paves the way

Kudos to the City Council for exploring commercial cannabis

The Chico City Council could learn a thing or two from the city of Oroville. Why is that? Because the council representing that city decided this week to explore a potential boon to its economy: commercial cannabis (see “Dispensary discussion,” Newslines, page 8).

Three members of the Oroville City Council, along with two city staff members, recently traveled to Shasta Lake City to visit a dispensary, as well as to sit down with local lawmakers and city staff to learn more about the regulation and taxation processes and the revenue the industry has generated for that small town in nearby Shasta County. Spoiler: Last year, the city took in over $500,000 in taxes on medical marijuana alone.

While the CN&R has long championed the legalization of cannabis, including dispensaries, we also recognize that there is need for thoughtful consideration of all the impacts that will bring. So, kudos to Oroville for starting the discussion and taking meaningful steps toward investigating the industry and what it would mean for its community.

Everyone is clearly not in favor of allowing commercial cannabis in Oroville, as was evidenced by the many speakers who spoke passionately against allowing dispensaries at Tuesday’s council meeting. We’re optimistic, however, that going forward, residents will seize opportunities to join discussions, to seek more information, and to come to a reasonable compromise that ultimately benefits the community as a whole.