Oroville influx

DWR releases $3 million in community benefit funds

The California Department of Water Resources is directing resources toward Oroville in the wake of the disaster at the dam’s main and emergency spillways. Last Thursday (May 4), DWR and the city announced the early release of $3 million from a fund dedicated to supporting recreation, tourism and economic development.

Much of this money from the Supplemental Benefits Fund, established 11 years ago during a settlement agreement, will go toward city projects along the Feather River. A committee comprising members of the Oroville City Council and the Feather River Recreation and Park District will decide on allocation.

Mayor Linda Dahlmeier said in a statement that, while her city waits for federal relicensing of the dam “to set in motion critical actions to benefit Oroville, we’ll put this funding to use right away to make our community a more enriching place to live, enjoy and do business.”