Generally speaking, female jazz musicians are more apt to be found making a career in music by playing the piano, flute, alto saxophone, violin, bass, guitar or drums. Thus it comes as a rather pleasant surprise to discover Camille Thurman, a 27-year-old who, after “discovering Dexter Gordon,” switched from alto to tenor saxophone. On this, her debut CD, she also plays her first instrument, flute, as well as soprano sax; and she sings. It turns out, her voice is definitely an acquired taste, but her tenor sax playing is warm and robust, which is most evident on the relaxed “Kindred Minds,” which also features some fine rhythm work by bassist Corcoran Holt, drummer Rudy Royston and one of the two pianists—Luis Perdomo or Enoch Smith Jr. Thurman gets up to speed on her tenor sax on both the title track (great piano solo by Perdomo) and her unique and delightful reworking of the Fats Waller classic “Jitterbug Waltz” with considerable help from the rhythm section. “The Dreamweaverer” showcases her soprano sax skills in company with harpist Brandee Younger. Thurman and her tenor sax also make a lively guest appearance on Humility: Purity of My Soul, the new CD by drummer and label mate Shirazette Tinnin, who also appears on two Origins tracks.