Like fellow Peruvian musical group Peru Negro, Novalima deals in traditional Afro-Peruvian dance songs such as the landó and the alcatraz—song forms developed during slavery days under Spanish colonizers—and with such traditional instruments as the cajón (or box drum), the quijada (donkey jawbone) and congas. Novalima parts company, however, with Peru Negro with its melding of Afro-Peruvian roots sounds with modern electronic sounds and funky bass. Novalima is joined on Afro by a cast of legendary black Peruvian performers such as Nicomedes Santa Cruz and vocalist Lucila Campos. Electronica compellingly meets primal dance beat on “Machete.” Campos’ “Toromata” is a slow song driven passionately (and slightly quirkily) along by sexy-sexy hand percussion and a touch of moody muted trumpet. “Alcajazz” is yet another fun little party through the Novalima roots-electronica fusion sound, accented by chords on a real piano.