No way, Ray: Dailey is president

Michael Dailey isn’t bugged that only 703 of Chico State’s 14,000-plus students voted for him. He’s just happy to have snared the title of Associated Students president.

Last week’s runoff for three seats drew 8 percent of voters, which is actually better than the typical 4 to 5 percent turnout for A.S. runoffs.

“We did a lot of campaigning to get the word out again,” Dailey said.

Dailey, this year’s A.S. executive vice president, went up against two liberals, lobbyist Fay Roepcke (who didn’t make the runoff) and longtime political activist Bob Ray, in the April 16-17 runoff.

Ray, who had been in New York advising Chico State’s Model United Nations teams to a huge win, said his campaign suffered from his absence. He garnered 536 votes, 43 percent of the total.

“I had a lot of catch-up to do after being gone for 10 days. I just couldn’t make up the ground fast enough,” lamented Ray, who had tried last year to run for president but was disqualified. “The progressives, environmentalists, women’s organizations, and most importantly the regular students didn’t turn out for me. I blame myself for not defining the issues and differences better.

“I think Michael is an intelligent, well-meaning person and he’ll do all right,” Ray added. “I also fear he lacks the initiative, passion, imagination and experience that are needed at this time.”

Dailey said that of course he looks conservative compared to the “extreme” Ray, but that doesn’t mean he lacks drive. “I have passion for the students,” he said.

“What’s important in a position like this is things get done because of relationships,” Dailey said, tallying bridges built between students and the city in the past year. “The way I’ve done things this last year proves I can get things done.”

Adam Dondro, not Dailey’s first choice for executive v.p., won the runoff for that office. But Dailey’s pleased with Dondro, who will be tasked with running the Governmental Affairs Committee meetings.

After the polls closed on April 17, someone hacked into the A.S.'s election results and unsuccessfully tried to change them. No one has been caught.