No Strings Attached

Rated 3.0

Lifelong friends Emma (Natalie Portman) and Adam (Ashton Kutcher) decide to use each other strictly for sex, without letting all the mushiness that actual feelings and love bring into a relationship, and since this is a romcom, you can guess where that goes. But as sexy as the premise is, the plot doesn’t exploit the sexual themes too graphically, even with the R rating. Sure, there’s a sexy montage of Adam and Emma getting’ busy all over the place, but it’s more funny than hot. Well, maybe it’s a little hot. With all its wisecracks about sex, it plays with the same immature humor we’ve heard before, but remains universally entertaining. Even if you’re someone who might roll your eyes at all the references it makes about “dick,” you’ll probably laugh a little too. Cinemark 14 and Feather River Cinemas. Rated R