No Bulgarians

9:45 p.m. Saturday, Toy took a hippy approach at Moxie’s.

9:45 p.m. Saturday, Toy took a hippy approach at Moxie’s.

Photo by Sara Sipes

Saturday, 3 p.m., heading down to the Senator Theater. Heavy metal has never really been my thing, but a Bulgarian group is supposed to be playing. This should be interesting.

I wonder if sprained eardrums are covered by workers comp? The band playing—aptly named Sayten—is so loud the building is shaking. Good thing they already took down the tower. I’m surprised there is still plaster on the walls. I’m not sure why the lead screamer even bothers. Can’t understand a word coming from his throat.

No Bulgarians. Apparently the U.S. government refused to let them have visas. Maybe next time they should try American Express.

The next band has a lead singer women can’t take their eyes off of—tight black T-shirt and a great ass—but the pounding headache won’t let me stay to listen.

Moxie’s, 8:30 p.m. Beth Waters and her group attract a good crowd. The San Rafael band plays a mix of original tunes that the crowd appreciates. Waters has really nice vocals, and her lyrics are a pleasant listen. “Breakfast in San Francisco” has the audience rocking in their seats. Moxie’s is going to see about bringing the group back to Chico.

Toy takes the stage at 9:30. Without her band, she prefers to go by her first name, Alice. The solo performer came out from New York to perform three times at the festival. Alice’s songs are far more introspective than Waters'. Her voice, strained by a cold, comes out a little flat at times, but her guitar playing makes up for it. Just when she finally gets going, starting to make a connection with the audience, it’s time for her to leave the stage.

After Moxie’s, I hop over to Stormy’s to listen to more loud music. Picnic gets credit for trying, but that’s about it. Trite lyrics and more flats than a semi after hitting a CHP spike strip. Maybe The Gap needs a group for their next karaoke ad? The volume is too high for the small space.

Mr. Lucky hosts the best band of the day, Marginal Profits. It’s hard not to respond positively to a lead whose T-shirt reads "I’d rather be masturbating." Finally, a band that really enjoys what they are doing. Didn’t catch the names of the tunes, but maybe Matt will consider bringing them back up here. Hint, hint.