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Photo By Tom Gascoyne


Rachel Orinan Schrader, second from left, and Erik Helbing express themselves during a war protest staged Veterans Day in front of Rep. Wally Herger’s Chico office. About a dozen people took part in the protest hastily organized the day before by Chris Nelson, right. Nelson said she had plans to walk into Herger’s office and deliver a letter asking the congressman not to forget the soldiers after they’ve served their country. "Since he is going to be the next Strom Thurmond, we would like to work with Mr. Herger and see that he doesn’t abandon the veterans," Nelson said. Her Strom Thurmond remark was in reference to a statement Herger made to this paper on Election Day when he was re-elected to his 10th term in office. On this day, however, Herger’s office was closed.