New rules

The new Internet royalty rates, which will take effect May 15, charges webcasters for each “performance” of a song—per time played, per listener—rather than a flat fee.

Under the old system, Radio Paradise paid $30,000 in royalties in 2005 and $40,000 in 2006. With the new rates, the station will have to pay about $500,000 more for 2006. Based on the rates set for 2010, the station would owe $1,263,960.

YearRoyalty rate
200510 percent of gross revenue
(stations making less than $250,000)
12 percent of gross revenue
(stations making more than $250,000)
2006$.0008 per performance*
2007$.0011 per performance
2008$.0014 per performance
2009$.0018 per performance
2010$.0019 per performance

* must be paid retroactively