Name calling

Over the years, trends change—from fashion to music to baby names. The Social Security Administration ranks the popularity of names, based on applications. Some may come as a surprise—in the U.S. in 2005, one of the most popular girl names was Madison (No. 3 in the nation, and No. 1 in places as far away from each other as Alaska, Alabama, Delaware and South Dakota). Angel was the top boy name in Arizona (and No. 3 in California), and Jose was No. 1 in Texas. Here are some top fives for 2005:


Popular names All of U.S.California
Boys1. Jacob1. Daniel
2. Michael2. Anthony
3. Joshua3. Angel
4. Matthew4. David
5. Ethan5. Joshua
Girls1. Emily1. Emily
2. Emma2. Ashley
3. Madison3. Samantha
4. Abigail4. Isabella
5. Olivia5. Mia