Morley sparkles with dignity and grace as she cuts through the world’s jungle of injustice with a musical machete and a soulful, sensual voice that resembles Sade and Patti Cathcart (Tuck and Patti). Hailing from a diverse neighborhood in New York City, her world view includes experiences as a dancer, yoga instructor, model, poet, choreographer and global traveler. Morley’s appearances at Grass Valley’s four-day California WorldFest in 2008 initiated a quick bond with many North State music lovers. A steady stream of new followers ambled their way from stage to stage to catch three or four of her soothing sermons. On Seen, Morley offers a rich batch of melodic and rhythmic songs to soothe and inspire. The catchy “Call on Me” is a comforting call to those troubled by poverty and war, while “Unconditional Ass” scolds a former lover who took her love but didn’t return the favor. The final track, “Women of Hope,” is a tribute to former Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi, a non-household name in America who has been a longtime resistance leader against Burmese military oppression. “Under house arrest, for her peaceful protest,” Morley sings, “When her people asked her for a message she said, ‘If you’re feeling helpless, help someone.’ ”