More Chico inventions

Patent No., Title, Inventor, Granted

6,495,746, Rice Cultivar M-104, Carl W. Johnson (for the California Cooperative Rice Research Foundation), 2002

6,168,821, Glucan-containing nutritional product and method of making the same, Elen Castleberry for The J. M. Smucker Company, 2001

PP11,891, Almond tree named “Durango”, John Chaidez, 2001

5,862,199, Daily pocket pill organizer, Mark Aguilera, 1998

5,743,154, Steering wheel cover, Anthony A. Jacinth, 1998

D392,028, Magnetic water softening device, Donald Carpenter, 1998

D387,471, Turn signal light cover for a vehicle, Craig N. Alger, 1997

5,634,790, Video dental medical instrument, Ravi Pathmanabhan and Jason E. Orgain for Lares Research, 1997

D378,713, Imprinted pattern on construction material, Craig S. Holt, 1997

RE35,424, Multipurpose bicycle tool kit, Robert L. Seals (assigned to Fiskars, Inc.), 1997

5,467,588, Fluid-filled shaker pad for a tree shaking harvester, Ira Compton, 1995

5,404,343, Resting place marker with audio system, Bruce Boggio, 1995

D353,071, Combined doormat and ramp, Blaine Roberts, 1994

5,367,294, Inflatable security mannequin, Edwin B. Brown, 1994

5,330,262, Coved backsplash for a countertop, Chris Peters for Transfer Flow International, Inc., 1994