Mobile crisis team introduced

Counselors will work with police to respond to mental health emergencies, provide resources

The members of Butte County Behaviorial Health’s Mobile Crisis Unit were introduced Tuesday at the Chico Police Department, a partner in a venture aimed at assisting those in Chico who struggle with mental illness.

Counselors Pam DeCamp and Manson Petty will work overlapping shifts, with someone on duty seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., responding to mental health emergencies with police officers to de-escalate tense situations, provide emotional support and engage in crisis intervention and conflict resolution. DeCamp and Petty also will work proactively, providing outreach at critical places like homeless shelters and following up with Behavioral Health patients.

Behavioral Health Director Dorian Kittrell (pictured) said the county has received $720,000 in Mental Health Services Act funding to keep the program active for at least three years.