Mick Boogie and DJ Jazzy Jeff

Summertime 2: The Mixtape

For anyone alive in 1991, the song “Summertime,” by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, holds special meaning in your heart and typifies that summer for you. Well, the DJ Jazzy Jeff half of that duo has teamed up with mash-up master Mick Boogie to drop Summertime 2: The Mixtape. This follow-up to the duo’s 2010 Summertime mix is like a time-travel log chronicling summers passed. Featuring remixes of songs from a wide variety of artists—Jill Scott, Steve Winwood, James Brown, Talib Kweli, P.M. Dawn (the original emo emcees) and Stan Getz—Summertime 2 traces the auditory lineage of hip-hop and R&B summer classics. The collective musical IQ of these two crate diggers is astronomical and serves them well as they seamlessly blend some of summer’s greatest songs with the originals that inspired (and were sampled by) them: R. Kelly’s “Summer Bunnies” teams up with the Gap Band’s “Outstanding,” and P.M. Dawn’s “Set Adrift on Memory Bliss” with “True” by Spandau Ballet. Even the album’s “cover” art (which is available for free download along with the entire album at www.mickboogie.com/summertime2) harks back to the DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince video that spawned the mixtape title.