Merging worlds

Jenny Rae Richman

Photo by Josh Cozine

Jenny Rae Richman (well, that’s her human name, anyway) was working in tech in the Bay Area when she decided she’d had enough of dealing with computers and screens all day. She’d found it convenient to help cover the region’s high cost of living, but her real passion was working as a professional faerie with the Faerie Human Relations Department. Better known by her faerie name, Pepper Mint Whimsy, she’s been working for the fae government as a human relations expert for the last three years. As such, she hosts parties for young humans to build bonds and relations. Recently, she decided it was time to open her own branch in Chico, and on Oct. 1, she obtained her business license and officially opened her Faerie Human Relations Department in Chico as a party hosting service. Richman offers face-painting, balloon-twisting and casual magic services, while in character. Check out her website at, or call (408) 966-4831 for questions or to book party services.

Why the big career change?

I was working in the tech industry … for a while—I know it seems silly, a faerie in technology—but I just couldn’t help myself. And with all those people just on top of one another, everything was just so crowded and there was just so much. I don’t know quite how to describe it, but being in front of one of those computer screens all day, it was driving me mad, and I wanted to do something better with my life. And, you know, I always had a passion for human studies when I went to faerie school, and I decided, Why not get into that?

Why did you decide to go out on your own?

Faerie-human relations have been going downhill for quite some time, and it’s important that humans continue to believe in faeries—we all know what happens when humans say they don’t believe in faeries—we just start disappearing left and right and that’s really sad. It got a little worrisome, so I decided to open up an official faerie government branch of the Faerie Human Relations Department.

Where did you first learn how to practice faerie-human relations and why bring it to Chico?

I worked for a company in the Bay Area called Happily Ever Laughter for over three years as a professional faerie doing faerie-human relations. Eventually, I decided I wanted to start my own branch in a smaller place, and I knew some humans here.

What’s your favorite thing about hosting children’s parties?

I love the questions that children ask. I love the moment when the skeptical child becomes a believer and is there with me. I just think that there is so much cynicism and not enough who believe and know that all the things in our imagination are really powerful. And that’s what I want to bring, and so when I see that, that’s my favorite moment.