Meet your farmer

CN&R’s farm-to-table issue introduces some impressive local farmers and ranchers

When it comes to eating, North State residents are extremely spoiled. Or at least we should be. That’s because we live in one of the most fertile and productive agricultural regions in the United States. We get to enjoy the bounty of everything from nuts and tomatoes to lamb and beef, and all of it is grown or raised within a short distance of our homes.

Those of us who shop at local farmers’ markets may get to know some of the good folks working hard to produce our food. They deserve a lot of credit for providing a source of healthful, fresh fare for us to feast on. In this special farm-to-table issue, we’ll introduce you to a handful of notable local farmers and ranchers, from Chico State students to a young family, who are making their mark in the local-food movement. You’ll also read about the history behind the Sierra Oro Farm Trail and its Passport Weekend, an annual event giving the public the chance to meet with those in the local ag community and get a sneak peek into the world of farming and ranching.