Meanwhile, down the rabbit hole …

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Blue Room Theatre Opens Friday, July 18, 6:30 p.m.

At a Monday rehearsal disrupted by a long power outage, director Lisa Schmidt had her cast of 21 young thespians rehearsing blocking and delivery using only the light streaming in through the theater’s emergency exit and windows, without the soothing benefit of air conditioning.

I was particularly taken with the lofty pronunciations of Humpty Dumpty as played by a small blonde girl who managed to lend the air of Alfred Hitchcock to her character. Just the right attitude of superior condescension for the questions of the befuddled Alice.

Carroll’s convoluted logic and sophisticated syntax are great educational tools, and the fact that he is also hilarious makes this a perfect kids’ show. Delightful costumes and a colorful, mushroom festooned backdrop will make this a visual as well as auditory feast.

See you in Wonderland.