Maybe it doesn’t exist

Chris Cartwright and Kristyn Stuva

Photo By Mark Lore

There’s something exciting about getting a new phone book. OK, maybe it’s just me. A few CN&R staffers spotted Chris Cartwright and Kristyn Stuva pulling a cart full of AT&T books downtown. (Our office did end up taking its fair share.) So we decided to chat with Cartwright and his sister-in-law to get the scoop on what the Yellow Pages means to them.

How far do you deliver the phone books?

Kristyn: How far? [looking to Chris] How far? Right here, here’s a map.

Chris: We go from East First all the way down to East Eighth and then from Main all the way to Cypress.

Do they give you any tips on what to do and what not to do?

Kristyn: Yeah, don’t throw ’em. Put them right next to the door on the hinge side. And get a name at the business when you deliver to a business.

So do you believe that if it’s not in the Yellow Pages it probably doesn’t exist?

Chris: No, I’ve looked up stuff that I couldn’t find.

For example …

Chris: I don’t remember exactly. Well, for my casino party business, there was nobody in the phone book for that. And yes, it does exist. Casino parties exist. They exist everywhere else. They had a heading but it wasn’t listed because nobody was in it. But now I’m the only one under the listing. So it does exist but just not in your area.

Have you ever unsuccessfully tried to find anything in there?

Kristyn: Yeah. But I don’t want to say what it was.

I’m sure it’s not that bad.

Kristyn: [giggling] No, I don’t want to say what it is. I don’t remember.

You sure?

Kristyn: [giggling even more] Yeah, I’m positive.

OK, how did you guys get involved in this?

Kristyn: We looked in the newspaper. I have another job, too … The dollar store.

Chris: It’s just for a little extra money.

Are your phone numbers listed?

Chris: [Looking up name] I think I’m listed.

[To Kristyn] So you’re not going to tell me what you tried to look up?

Kristyn: [laughing] No … no.

Chris: Come on, give him the scoop. [Finding his name] Cartwright. Chris and Katherine, that’s us right there.

So, what did you try to look up again?

Kristyn: [Laughing] I don’t remember what it was.