Mary-kateandashley magazine

It’s been a long time since I was a nubile 14-year-old. Oh, wait—I was an awkward, freaky 14-year-old. Not like Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen of Full House fame. The wonder twins’ marketing machine has activated a magazine that’s the hippest, real-est thing to hit early teen-dom since the Sassy of the ‘80s. The magazine premiered with the April-May 2001 issue, and it’s impressive. While the Olsens are revered by pre-teens worldwide for their fashion sense, the publication is more about figuring out who you are than fitting in. There’s a story called "Yoga for youth" and a piece in which a 16-year-old is paired with an investment expert. Another shows models pre-makeover in "You’re Better-Looking Than You Think." The magazine also employs a "teen panel" of real girls who dish—or diss—the very beauty products that are supposed to pay the bills. Now, that’s, as the mag’s mission states, "real talk for real girls." Here’s hoping the Olsens bust the child star stereotype—any girls that can end their mag with the "Top 10 Reasons You Don’t Need a Boyfriend" have got to be good role models.