Lynn Brown

Let’s Make a Fort

Well-known local singer-songwriter (and longtime manager of the now-defunct downtown Tower Records store) Lynn Brown’s new children’s CD boasts the talents of some other well-known (and talented) local musicians: Stevie Cook on electric guitar, Bob Littell on harmonica, jazz guitarist Charlie Robinson and “banjo-ologist” Gordy Ohliger among them. Brown’s daughter Amy also sings on one song. Brown is to be commended for assembling a collection of 12 originals, all with lyrics. “Blue Dolphins & Grey Whales” stands out for Brown’s relaxed, sweet singing and the unmistakable touch of Robinson’s guitar. Other nice touches: Nancy Borsdorf’s fiddle on several tunes, and Ernie Witt’s steel drums on “Let Them Elephants Dance.” However, the CD seems to change tone after the fifth song—the last seven seem more like straight-ahead folk songs than ones aimed to get the attention of kids—even “Throw Me In the River, Dad,” despite its title. It would be nice to see liner notes saying who plays on each song, and correct spelling of musicians’ names.