Los Lonely Boys


Success can be elusive in the music business, but some artists seemed destined for the top. In 2004, the success of Los Lonely Boys’ self-titled debut and hit single “Heaven” seemed to foreshadow superstardom for the brothers Garza, the pride of San Angelo, Texas. Unfortunately, the “Texican” rock ’n’ rollers’ sophomore effort, Sacred, disappeared from the charts after a few weeks in 2006 despite a big push from Sony/Epic. Which brings us to Forgiven. The new, crisply produced 12-tune disc delivers plenty of Henry’s scintillating, Steve Ray Vaughn-reminiscent guitar licks (even on the slow numbers), Jojo’s steady bass and smooth vocals, and Ringo’s—yes, Ringo’s—overachieving drum beats. Swamp rocker Dr. John lends keyboard support. Forgiven includes several fine romantic soft-rockers; the first single, “Staying With Me,” a love song sure to make the band’s large female fan-base swoon, is hovering near the Top 10 of Billboard’s Adult Album Alternative chart. While this album doesn’t offer anything as epic as the first album’s grand jam-fest, “Onda,” the Boys kick out a sizzling version of the Spencer Davis Group’s “I’m A Man” that leaves little doubt about the trio’s ability to flex its muscle. Good stuff!