Looking for a five-star doc

Young parents are increasingly checking out doctor reviews online

More young parents are turning to physician-rating websites for info on potential providers.

Researchers from the University of Michigan surveyed more than 1,600 parents nationwide, finding that those under 30 are more likely to look at doctor reviews on websites like Healthgrades, Vitals.com and Angie’s List, according to SFGate.com. Additionally, mothers are more likely to visit those sites than fathers.

However, overall, people are far more likely to use online reviews to decide whether they’ll see a movie, go to a restaurant or read a book. Dr. David A. Hanauer, lead author of the study, said that this is due to the fact that health-insurance providers often decide which doctors patients can see as well as the fact that people don’t choose new doctors as often as they make other types of choices.