Look out, Honda drivers

Chico Police see spike in car thefts and Hondas account for nearly half of them

The Chico Police Department says car thefts have spiked in the past 30 days and that Hondas appear to be the car of choice.

According to a CPD press release, 32 vehicles were reported stolen between mid-December and mid-January. Fourteen of them were Honda sedans. That’s up from 17 thefts a month earlier.

A map outlining the locations of the thefts shows targets throughout the city. However, there is a cluster west of the Chico State campus along Nord Avenue and in the Avenues northwest of Chico High School.

CPD further reported that many of the vehicles were taken from apartment complex parking lots during the night. The popularity of Honda thefts appears to mirror a national trend—Honda Accord is the most commonly stolen car in the United States.